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About Plurall App

Plurall is SOMOS Educação's educational digital platform that expands the possibilities of didactic material and the classroom.

Bringing together excellent content and the best digital solutions in basic education, the platform facilitates pedagogical management and enhances teaching and learning processes.

Students, guardians, teachers and managers of schools that have access to Plurall can, for example:

- access the digital and interactive version of their own books and handouts, via cell phone, tablet and computer, with the option of keeping them offline ;
- rely on tools that encourage and develop autonomy in studies;
- have and offer a personalized teaching experience;
- accurately identify difficulties and points of development;

- monitor school performance in a practical way;
- diversify teaching strategies;
- receive the support of tutors prepared to answer questions about the contents;
- explore more innovative and globally recognized educational tools;
- have the flexibility to rely on the platform in all teaching formats - face-to-face, remote and hybrid;
- have a highly qualified and resolute support team.

Plurall is constantly evolving, always seeking to offer the best and most complete digital educational experience for millions of students, families and schools.

In addition, the platform adapts to the pedagogical proposal and teaching materials adopted by each school. Thus, the availability of resources may vary for each person.

To learn more, consult your school's coordination, follow our social networks and visit

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