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New in Parfum Leader 6.67.0

We have made improvements and fixed bugs to make using the application as comfortable as possible.

About Парфюм-Лидер App

"Perfume-Leader" is one of the largest perfume and cosmetic chains that has been selling perfumes and cosmetics for over 16 years! Awareness of the need to sell not a product, but to create conditions for a purchase to become a pleasant event, formed the basis for the opening of the first Perfume-Leader store on July 30, 2004.

Now more than 140 stores are successfully operating in more than 50 cities of Russia. Through our application, you can order cosmetic products at a nice price in one click and we will deliver your order at a convenient time for you.

A satisfied customer and the quality of goods are the key principles of the company's work, which remain unchanged.

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