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Timestamp Camera, Auto GPS Cam Timestamp Camera, Auto GPS Cam Timestamp Camera, Auto GPS Cam Timestamp Camera, Auto GPS Cam Timestamp Camera, Auto GPS Cam Timestamp Camera, Auto GPS Cam Timestamp Camera, Auto GPS Cam Timestamp Camera, Auto GPS Cam

About Timestamp Camera, Auto GPS Cam App

Timestamp Camera is an All-in-One camera with current location, time, date, map, and geodata watermark.

From now, it’s easy to add location and time & date to your photos or videos. You can display auto location or manually select location details (country, state, city, district, county, street, building), and present time & date in your preferred setup from nearly 100 formats.

For example:
Mar 3, 2022 18:41:01
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California, United States
37.422°N 122.084°W

🌟 Custom elements in timestamp template (Real-time preview of adjustments):
◆ Show location: present real-time location address when shooting;
◆ Show time & date: you can add time & date when you take this picture or video;
◆ Show map: put map location on photos or videos;
◆ Show latitude & longitude: have GPS coordinates shown on camera;
◆ Show altitude: add the surface elevation of your real-time location;
◆ Add custom text & emoji on photos or videos: e.g. you can leave a note like "The package is at your front door."
◆ DIY your own timestamp style:
- All kinds of font colors
- All kinds of colors and 0%-100% opacity of timestamp background
- Align contents: left align, center align, right align
- Change positions of timestamp: top left, top right, center, bottom left, bottom right

🌟 Advanced settings in camera:
◆ Autofocus
◆ Zoom in & Zoom out
◆ Capture the picture while recording the video
◆ Auto-rotate the camera in portrait or landscape mode
◆ Shooting quality: low, standard, high
◆ Assistive grid to compose your pictures/videos
◆ Mirror camera
◆ Aspect ratio: 1:1 or 4:3 or 16:9
◆ Remote control timer(2s/5s/10s) with countdown numbers display on the screen
◆ Flash
◆ Photo library

🌟 Available in all scenes
◆ After package/food delivery, take a picture with the time and location for confirmation.
◆ In outdoor exploration, record the important GPS data.
◆ During traveling, capture funny moments with the date on them.
◆ For foodie adventure, document the location of good restaurants.
◆ For real estate people, show your clients a house tour video with its address on it.

Timestamp Camera, Auto GPS Cam Latest Version Info

Get it on Google Play

Google Play ID: timestamp.geotag.camera.gpsmapcamera

On this page you can free download Timestamp Camera, Auto GPS Cam APK file for Android. Timestamp Camera, Auto GPS Cam latest new version for Android is 1.0.17. Our site provides only original and unmodified APK files, that’s why it’s safe to download and install.

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