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1.3 Mar 06, 2024 4.1
Spring Live Wallpaper Spring Live Wallpaper Spring Live Wallpaper Spring Live Wallpaper Spring Live Wallpaper Spring Live Wallpaper Spring Live Wallpaper Spring Live Wallpaper

New in Spring Live Wallpaper 1.3

* We do not ask for Facebook publish permissions anymore since we do not need them, really!
* Editor available for free version now!
* New Wallpaper Editor Options: freely move objects, reset to original, post to Facebook.
* New and beautiful special flower for Pro version.
* Improved default color for your personal text on the sign.
* Turn on and off the light in the hut in the free version, pro version does this automated at night.
* Numerous stability improvements.

About Spring Live Wallpaper App

Spring Time: dive deep into this scene of beautiful nature, with lovely fields of gently swaying flowers, rippling pool of water, genuine herders hut. And create your very own personal animated spring flowers picture, with your own message on it and using the new great and intuitive editor!

You want to show your new creations to your friends? Share them on Facebook, so your friends can install just your moving picture!

More special features of Spring Live Wallpaper Pro include a formidable storm of flowers, many more flowers in the editor, a beautiful golden sunset, gorgeous full moon and serene dawn and plenty of configuration options. If this sounds thrilling, please see Spring Live Wallpaper Pro on Google Play.

This 3D Spring Flowers Live Wallpaper operates smoothly and with low power consumption on all tested smart phones and tablets. It can be installed/moved to SD-Card and comes with full support for landscape mode, home screen switching and all available screen resolutions. The LWP requests internet access rights in order to be able to provide you a seamless Facebook experience and so that we are able to show banner ads in the settings menu of the free version. No ads whatsoever are being shown in the Pro version!

Extra features of the full version of this live wallpaper:
- Edit mode: freely decide where to place which flower with our easily useable and intuitive Live Wallpaper Editor!
- Full moon and stars at night, daylight, dusk and dawn over the winter wonderland snow background.
- fascinating storm of flowers when shaking the phone for true spring feeling.
- Compelling and highly realistic rainfall, thousands of raindrops falling from the sky!
- Select 'mood' color to give the whole scene your own touch.
- Freely choose the color of your messages on the sign!
- Scenic sunrise and sunset.
- Settings for mood of tranquil dawn and dusk (feel the freedom! feel the calmness! feel Zen!).
- innovative alarm clock: this spring wallpaper wakes you with the light of sunrise!
- Plenty of cool configuration options for personalization. Choose yourself what you really want to see!
- Elaborate background logic, highly configurable.

Basic features of the LiveWallpaper:
- Beautiful swaying spring flowers, trees full of petals and rippling water scene in HD (High Definition).
- Realistic 3D effects for meadows, water, trees and flowers.
- Write something on the sign, your own personal message: "Blue Skies", "Spring Live Zone", "Child's play!", or just whatever comes to mind!
- Send a postcard from nature holiday via Facebook or post your selfmade image on your wall.
- Scroll across home screens on all phones!
- lw is available for all screen resolutions.
- Low power, performance, resources footprint.
- Turn off animation and freely configure image quality settings for near ZERO power and memory consumption.
- Shuts down completely when not visible to save maximum speed and battery.
- Amoled mode to compensate for overly greenish displays.
- Full OpenGL-Support for wp.
- Not a movie.
- FREE download.


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The most brilliant experience you will naturally get on Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus or any Android phone with a Super AMOLED+ display. Also Tablets like Galaxy tab and Google Nexus 7 give a great impression, particularly for the light alarm clock! This also runs on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) & 4.1 / 4.2 (Jelly Bean).

Spring Live Wallpaper Latest Version Info

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Google Play ID: de.toar.livewallpaper.summercreek.free

On this page you can free download Spring Live Wallpaper APK file for Android. Spring Live Wallpaper latest new version for Android is 1.3. Our site provides only original and unmodified APK files, that’s why it’s safe to download and install.

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