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Quis: family genetics Quis: family genetics Quis: family genetics Quis: family genetics Quis: family genetics Quis: family genetics Quis: family genetics Quis: family genetics

New in Quis 4.3

1) Functional expansion of the "Voice Timbre" page;
2) Interface improvements;
3) General correction;

About Quis: family genetics App

Have you ever wondered why you look like your parents, or why you have certain health conditions or characteristics? Do you want to know more about your genetic heritage and where your ancestors came from? Quis is the app for you!
Quis easy reveals your traits, health, and ancestry without expensive a personal genetic test. With Quis, you can:
* Discover your DNA and how it shapes your physiology, phenotype, and health. Learn how your genes influence your risk of diseases, your physical features, and your behavior.
* Explore your genetic heritage and find out who your ancestors were and where they came from.
* Understand your children’s genetics and what your traits they inherit. Quis determines their genotypes based on your appearance (phenotypic analysis) and using the laws of inheritance calculates, like a genetic calculator, the genotype of the children for that couple.
Quis also predicts your children’s physiology, appearance, and genetically inherited diseases.

Quis is easy to use. All you need to do is answer to simple questions about yourseves and your relatives.
Quis is more than just a genetic test. It is a journey of discovery and understanding. It is a way to unlock the secrets of your DNA and see how it makes you unique.
Download Quis today and start exploring the fascinating world of genetics!

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