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2.5.7 Feb 02, 2024 4.4
PicMa - AI Photo Enhancer PicMa - AI Photo Enhancer PicMa - AI Photo Enhancer PicMa - AI Photo Enhancer PicMa - AI Photo Enhancer PicMa - AI Photo Enhancer PicMa - AI Photo Enhancer PicMa - AI Photo Enhancer PicMa - AI Photo Enhancer PicMa - AI Photo Enhancer PicMa - AI Photo Enhancer PicMa - AI Photo Enhancer

New in PicMa 2.5.7

[AI Headshot] "Photographer" Upgrade!
1. We optimized the underlying AI model, the results will be more stable and like "me";
2. New templates: Travelers, Retro photos from the 1940s, etc., which will take you through time and space.
3. Optimize experience and improve performance.
Come and have fun!

About PicMa - AI Photo Enhancer App

Here is PicMa, your online photo-enhancing AI partner.

Based on leveraging state-of-the-art AI technologies, we provide you with top-notch photo enhancement and colouring effects, along with powerful portrait processing AI technologies for you to create unique selfies or restore your shabby old photos. With only one click, your photo quality will be improved without losing its detail and nature.

What's more, there are various artistic filters for you. You can create your personal cartoon or comic-style avatar, get the magic photo like Harry Potter, or change the sky behind you to a milky way or a pink cloud and sunset. You can share those special photos with your friends on social media extremely easily and have more fun with others!

Anytime, anywhere, you only need a mobile phone to get the world's best film-grade image processing services!

KEY Features:
- Enhance/Enhance Pro: Clean noise on photos and improve their quality without losing detail and nature;
- Restore Old Photo: Convert blurry, broken and old photos to high quality;
- DeScratch: Easily restore damaged photos such as scratches, creases, etc;
- Colorize: Colourize black and white family photos, restore cherished memories;
- Selfie Enhance: Retouch and tune your face portrait;
- Cartoon-Box: Turn your photos into popular AI avatars and animate them into smiley cartoons;
- Face Animator: Bring your photos to life;
- Magic Sky: Draw a beautiful sky randomly and beautify the background of your photos;
- Painting: Turn your cherished photos into beautiful paintings;
- Toon face: Get your unique AI cartoon avatar.
- Enhance on PC: https://picma.magictiger.ai/

PicMa gives you a perfect enhanced/artistic photo or animated video, ready to share and get the most likes on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter or your favourite chat group!

Terms of Use: https://magictiger.ai/picma/termsofuse.html
Privacy Policy: https://magictiger.ai/picma/privacypolicy.html

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