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3.6.4 Jun 05, 2024 4.7

New in 3.6.4

Improvements in facial recognition
Improved login with digital certificate

About App

Now yes! We're looking new! And with news!
The "" app (formerly Meu has been renewed so that you have a more simplified experience:

- To begin with, you can access the app without facial recognition and if you need to create your account, we will do it through the app.
- You can access any government service that has the “Entrar com” button without needing a password, using only the biometrics of your cell phone. Will you forget the password?!
- What's more, in addition to being able to consult your data and digital documents, you can share them with your contacts to make life easier. You can also see your login history on sites and have more transparency to understand how your data is being used.
- And to make your account more secure, you can level it up to silver or gold!

All of this available in the new app, keeping what was already useful: digital proof of life, receiving notifications to sign electronic documents and much more!
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